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It’s Never Too Late to be the Best You can Be

Join One of Our Incredible Fitness Boot Camps in Taunton, Somerset


It’s Never Too Late to be the Best You can Be

Join One of Our Incredible Fitness Boot Camps in Taunton, Somerset


Members of the Armed Forces Receive an 11% Discount

Reclaim Your Health

At CC Wellness Bootcamp, our carefully selected professionals are committed to helping clients rediscover a world of health and nutrition. When you take advantage of the fitness boot camps we provide, you’re sure to experience amazing results.


Contact us today, in Taunton, Somerset, to discover the peerless fitness boot camps that we provide.

About Us

For best-in-class fitness, turn to the fitness and weight loss boot camps organised by CC Wellness Bootcamp. Based in Taunton, Somerset, our  fitness professionals have provided fad-free, genuine methods of achieving a healthy lifestyle for over 25 years. Working closely with you, we’ll help you to strike the right balance of exercise, nutrition and mindset. With us, you’ll learn to push your boundaries and step out of  your comfort zone. We take pride in helping clients to improve themselves at truly affordable rates. 

CC Wellness Bootcamps

Weight loss and Fitness Bootcamps

- Over 20yrs in the health and fitness industry starting in Western Australia working with men’s semi-professional and women’s and juniors state football teams. Over the years clients have also included high flying executives, military personnel, armed forces recruits, general everyday people wanting to be confident within themselves and high profile clientele.

- Sports: Netball, hockey, football indoor/outdoor, karate, gymnastics, Army reserves. Worked with Special Forces, Royal and US Marines and Army Commando (Green Beret).

- Client programs tailored to achieve individual goals
- Expert nutritional education including lessons with our personal chef who will teach you how to continue making healthy and nutritious meals that taste great/are tasty. For when you leave to ensure you continue looking and feeling great

- A drop in dress size (or few) and loss of love handles and excess bodyfat is typical. But there will be plenty of laughs in the process.

- Yes we will work hard but we will have fun too.

- Some fun activities include go-karting, scenic hikes around local areas and indoor climbing.

Not a one-size-fits-all Bootcamp

- Whether your weightloss/fitness goals are for a holiday, special occasion or upcoming event. CC Wellness Bootcamp will help you get there. We will get you fitter, stronger and leaner helping you feel better both physically and mentally for your occasion or event.
- Here at CC Wellness Bootcamp we know it isn’t a one-size-fits-all deal when it comes to client’s weightloss and fitness goals. We treat everyone as individuals working together to achieve personal goals. Our trainers, chefs and nutritionists work together to help each of you reach your full potential and be the ‘best’ you that you were created to be.

• Improve yourself from inside out and outside in (Mind body and spirit)
• Increase your confidence and knowledge of a healthy lifestyle
• Education on food and nutrition, reading food labels and best shopping practices
• Shed excess bodyfat, improve fitness, get strong and get lean healthily
**Results may vary person to person.

Tailored Solutions For You
- Weightloss, improved fitness or just to feel healthy and alive again. CC Wellness Bootcamp has the solution for you.

Nutrition Plans
- Nutrition is key, you cannot out train poor nutrition. It will catch up on you. Our chefs are very experienced and highly qualified in delivering healthy, nutritious food that tastes great. Helping you put back that balance from the inside out and be healthy and alive.